Monday, October 29, 2012

Keeping in Shape for New Moms

It is a good idea to stay fit before, during, and after pregnancy. If you start a workout routine or activity before you become pregnant, it will be easier to stick with it. While pregnant, exercise can help you regulate your weight gain, ensure a speedy recovery after delivery, help you sleep better and  lift your moods. After baby is born and you are recovered, a workout routine will help you lose the baby weight, and give you the strength to carry and chase after baby. (Some exercises and activities are not recommended, please consult your doctor for more information)

I decided to combine a healthy diet with brisk walking and a pregnancy toning workout. I found The Perfect Pregnancy Workout  DVD, and I love it. The workout was easy to fit into my schedule, and I could do it at home. It is designed for pregnant women, and has three levels of difficulty, so that you have something to work towards. I did the workout 3 times a week and tried to go for walks the rest of the days.

The workout made me feel really good, and I had a relatively easy delivery. My abs were strong so I didn't have a huge belly and I was able to recover quickly. I am over 30, so knew it was going to be more difficult to bounce back.

I continued with the workout after baby was born, as much as I could, and the exercises have really helped me keep up with an active baby. The music in the video, and the woman's accent can get old after a while, but I memorized the routine and now I do it to my choice of music. I also take baby for brisk walks in the stroller. I have found that a  jogging stroller works best for this, and you can take it on a little rougher terrain.

Accessories for your workout:

Yoga Mat
Rubbermaid Small Step Stool
Neoprene Hand Weights

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