Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Starting Solid Foods- Making Homemade Baby Food

Just when you think you have all the baby supplies you need, baby is ready to start solid foods, and you need a whole new set of supplies.

I decided to make my own baby food because it is cheaper and I wanted to know what I was feeding my child. It takes more time than opening a jar of commercial baby food, but it is healthier, and I can use my own garden vegetables. I used a book as a guideline for what to introduce when, and for good recipes and storage information. The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet  

There are a few tools that make homemade baby food easier. I purchased and inexpensive small blender to keep handy on the countertop. The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender works great for making purees and smoothies. I also use it to make healthy mommy smoothies!  A Kitchenaid food processor is good for making big batches of baby food.

I found that silicone Tovolo Ice Cube Trays work great for making big batches and freezing in baby size portions. I then packaged the cubes in bags and sealed with my FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer. This keeps my baby food fresh and healthy, and I can easily pop a cube out and thaw.

I fed my baby commercial infant cereal, because it is a nice smooth starter food with vitamins and minerals added. I like  Earth's Best Multi Grain Cereal because it is organic, whole grain, non-GMO, and all the good stuff I look for. You can start with Earth's Best Wholegrain Rice Cereal as a first food, and then introduce oatmeal and other grains after rice is tolerated well.

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